Essays/Creative Nonfiction

“Searching for my identity as a mixed-Black woman adopted by a white family.”


“Showing Up Without Burning Out”


“A Black mother contemplates what it means to defund the police.”


“On the Importance of Recognizing the Politics of the Family.”

“How We Are: People Ask Other People ‘How Are You’ [during COVID-19]”

“Love, History, Hope: In the wake of George Floyd’s killing, three black Twin Cities authors look to the past, to their families and to the community as they make a plea for change.” — Star Tribune

“A family trip out west taught this Midwest essayist and bookworm how to find her voice.” — Star Tribune

“Holiday essay: Christmas at Home, Christmas in Liberia.” — Star Tribune

“My Blackness. (Still) Unfinished.” –mnartists

“Losing My Baby.” (with Kao Kalia Yang) –Minnesota Women’s Press

“Fear of a Black Mother excerpt.” –Star Tribune

“Fear of a Black Mother.” –In A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota, (Minnesota Historical Society Press)

“All the Information We Have,” and “Love Across the Middle Passage.” –In Blues Vision: African American Writing from Minnesota (Minnesota Historical Society Press).

“New Visions in Birth, Intimacy, Kinship, and Sisterly Partnerships.” (with Valerie Deus) –In Birthing Justice: Black Women, Pregnancy, and Childbirth (Routledge, 2015).

“A Pariah Among the Dreamless.” –Al Jazeera America Magazine

“Teaching While Black and Blue.” –Gawker

Short Fiction

“Something Out of the Nothing: An Excerpt from Dream Country.” –The Coil

“Minneapolis: Revisited.” –In Under Purple Skies: The Minneapolis Anthology (Belt Publishing)

“Salvation.” –In Welcome Home (Flux)

“Lonestar.” –In Sky Blue Water (University of Minnesota Press)

Book Reviews

“Review: ‘Coleman Hill,’ by Kim Coleman Foote

“Review: ‘Black and Female,’ by Tsitsi Dangarembga”
“Review: ‘Stories from the Tenants Downstairs,'” by Sidik Fofana
“Review: ‘CARNIVAL LIGHTS,’ by Chris Stark”
“Review: ‘The Parted Earth,’ by Anjali Enjeti”
“Review: ‘His Only Wife,’ by Peace Adzo Medie”

“Review: ‘She Would Be King,’ by Wayetu Moore,”

“Review: The Yellow House, by Sarah Broom,”

‘The Dragons, The Giant, The Women,’ Wayetu Moore

Book Lists

“The best YA and MG books about the Black experience.”

Scholarly Articles

“American Perversions or The Incredibly Twisted, Horribly True Story of How I Got Educated in the Academy,.” In Civility, Free Speech, and Academic Freedom in Higher Education (Routledge)

“Kinship Between Transracial Adoptees: A Case for the Kinship of Loss.” In Ethnicity and Kinship in North American and European Literatures (Routledge)

“The Risky Business of Engaging Racial Equity in Writing Instruction: A Tragedy in Five Acts.” (with others) –Teaching English at the Two-Year College

“Racial Harassment in the ‘Postracial’ Era: A Case of Discipline and Resistance in the Black Female Body.” –In Fighting Academic Repression and Neoliberal Education (Peter Lang)

“Science Fiction, Feminism, and Blackness: The Multifaceted Import of Octavia Butler’s Work.” –In The Black Imagination (Peter Lang).

“So Much to Remind Us We Are Dancing on Other Peoples’ Blood: Moving Toward Artistic Excellence, Moving from Silence to Speech, Moving in Water, with Ananya Dance Theatre.” (with others)
–In Critical Transnational Feminist Praxis (SUNY Press)