Superior Reads by Lin Salisbury – Shannon Gibney

“Author finds rich story in Liberia’s American roots.” –MPR

“Author Shannon Gibney spoke with host Kerri Miller about ‘Dream Country.'” –MPR

“New novel follows young, biracial adoptee’s journey of self-discovery.” –Michigan Radio


“In Dream Country Minnesota Book Award-winner Shannon Gibney confronts ‘history that hasn’t been confronted.’ –Pioneer Press

“Review: Dream Country.” –Star Tribune  

“Shannon Gibney: Undertold Stories.” –Minnesota Women’s Press

“Three Questions with Author Shannon Gibney.” –The Lily

Interview with The Brown Bookshelf

“Shannon Gibney: Creating Contexts.” –Ann Arbor Observer

“Interview with Author Shannon Gibney.” –The Pirate Tree


“Shannon Gibney: On Identity.” –88 Cups of Tea

“An Analysis of the Athletic Protagonist with Shannon Gibney.” –Debcast


Videos below produced by the MN Women’s Press, as part of their story/series

About being reflected in stories

About Black centeredness

About knowing someone’s story

About growing up with Black identity: what does it mean?

About teaching at MCTC